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Reasons Why Using a Hard Money Lender is Essential in Today’s Market

Reasons why people invest in real estate with Hard Money Loans.

Real Estate hacks that could help you to sell a house faster.

Seller or Buyer Market, What’s Next for 2023?

Starting down the path as a real estate investor. Advice from a Hard Money Lender.

A Modest Recession in the Making in 2023?: Here’s some advice from AMI

Data Centers as a relatively new phenomenon in commercial real estate

Real Estate Investors: Money is well spent for a home inspection.

What to expect from the Fix and Flip industry in TX, and to best prep.

Commercial Real Estate Investing ideas: Retrofitting malls into?

What is happening with the Fix and Flip Market?

Hiring a Financial Advisor Helps You Plan your Next Investment

What Private Mortgage Investors need to know about the difference between business and consumer loans.

Choosing a Hard Money Loan over a Bank Loan for Financing Real Estate Could make Sense for You

Why do we ask loan applicants what is the purpose of the loan?

What to Know About Hard Money Lenders and Loans

The Benefits of Working with a Private Lender with Audited Financials

Worried about becoming House Poor?

Is buying a house in Houston at the close of 2022 smart? A Hard Money Lenders' Perspective.

With increasing mortgage rates, should you invest in real estate at the end of 2022?

Multifamily properties pose a good opportunity for real estate investors

Despite rising interest rates, 2022 is still a good year to invest in commercial real estate with the financing of private lenders.

Make sure You Understand your Finances when Applying for a Private Mortgage Loan.

When Things Get Complicated for a While: Missing a Mortgage Payment and what to do about it

Exploring the dilemma between renting or owning a house

Is it still a good time to buy a house in Houston? A Hard Money Lenders' Perspective.

Benefits of investing in a Real Estate Property

House Hacking: A Tool for Real Estate investors that works with Hard Money Loans.

What should we expect in 2022 in the rapidly changing housing market?

Selling a flipped property for a profit: A Hard Money Lender’s Perspective

How to Carefully Plan Your Repairs Using a Hard Money Loan in Houston

Once you find a property to Fix & Flip, what should you do to get financing fast before someone else does?

Financing Real Estate Investments through Hard Money Loans is not “one-size-fits-all”

Will rents keep going up? As a Real Estate Investor in 2022, this is a question you should consider.

Adjusting your Real Estate Investment strategy due to the new economic perils

How to find investment property at a discount

Would you want to invest in rental property as we face a looming recession?

What to look for when hunting for a multigenerational house

Pooling incomes in a multi-generational Household to qualify for a hard money loan in Houston.

Myths and Misconceptions about Hard Money Lenders and their Type of Loans

Hard Money Lender Tips for Current or Potential Real Estate Investors

What exactly happens when a Hard Money Lender checks your credit report?

Making your money work for you with a Hard Money Loan for real estate investing.

Hard Money Loans and rising inflation, what it all means.

Staying Competitive in a Fix and Flip Market

How AMI Lenders deliver real value to its Real Estate Investor customers.

How the "Work from Home" Lifestyle Changes have Opened Interesting Opportunities in the Real Estate Market

A Look into Houston's Near-Term Economic Recovery (as of September 2021)

2021-22 Commercial Real Estate Outlook from a Hard Money Lender’s perspective

What will the 2021-2022 residential property market look like for Real Estate investors?

The Appraisal Gap in a Hot Housing Market Explained: What strategies can a Buyer utilize to compensate for the missing financing?

What Are Hard Money Lenders & How Do They Help Real Estate Investors?

Lumber prices are almost sky-high. So what does this mean for Home Buyers, Developers, and Hard Money Lenders?

Understanding the Importance of FICO scores: The perspective of a Hard Money Lender in Houston

The Single-Family Rental Market is Hot. But Building Multifamily Properties to Rent is Getting Even Hotter

Fix and Flip investments Can Be Lucrative If You Avoid These Common Mistakes Made by Real Estate Investors.

As Hard Money Lenders, we often we asked what is the difference between the APY vs. APR?

Learn How to Prioritize Repairs to a Fix and Flip Property and Make the Most of your Hard Money Loan.

Manage and Keep Track of Your Fix and Flip Repair Budget to Maximize Profits!

Is Remote Working Making Houston Suburbs More Appealing for Real Estate Investors?

Why Reputable Hard Money Lenders Invest Time and Resources to Rigorously Verify a Borrower’s Abilityto Repay?

How is Your Private Money Loan's Rate Determined, What Documents Should You Prepare?

Fast-Closing Hard Money Loans: The Best Way to Secure and Close on an Investment Property, Fast!

How Do Realtors, Brokers, and Private Lenders Work Together to Help Real Estate Investors?

Seek the advice of either a real estate attorney or a real estate broker when negotiating any type of mortgage loan.

How Subprime Loans Differ From Non-QM Loans: A Hard Money Lender’s Perspective.

What Is the Difference Between a Non-Qualified Mortgage and a Qualified Mortgage Loan

Banks vs. Private Money Lenders for ITIN Mortgage Loans

Can You Get a Mortgage Loan if You Only Have an ITIN Number?

Think You Have a Good Fix and Flip Opportunity? Check Out This Advice First!

What is the definition of Specialty Loan? A Hard-Money Lender's perspective.

High Cost VS Higher Priced Mortgages

Flipping Homes: Do’s and Don’ts of New-Home Construction

Debt-To-Income Rule is a Blessing for Lenders as Well as Borrowers.

The Importance of Making timely Mortgage Payments is Critical.

Hard Money for Hard Costs

Get advice from a real estate attorney or broker to avoid costly mortgage loan mistakes.

Why would one borrow from a Hard Money Lender?

¿Por qué conviene consultar a un Prestamista de Houston Especializado en Préstamos Privados para Refinanciar una Casa o Inmueble?

Why you Should Consider a Private Money Lender in Houston to Refinance a Home?

Consejos de los Prestamistas de Dinero Privado de Houston para los Compradores de Vivienda por Primera Vez

Houston Hard Money Lenders Advice for First Time Home Buyers

Las Ejecuciones Hipotecarias en Texas y la Opinión de un Prestamista de Dinero Privado para evitarlo.

Texas Foreclosures And A Hard Money Lender's Take On How To Avoid it.

Mortgage Rates are on the Rise. How Does That Affect Mortgage Investors.

Los Prestamistas Privados Incitan Sobre Seguros Contra Inundaciones

What Private Mortgage Lenders want you to know about Flood Insurance in Texas

Private Mortgage Investors Must Warn Consumers of the Surge in Mortgage Risk Fraud

Home Inspections FAQ’s for First Time Buyers and Sellers

How does the new GOP Tax Bill Impact Mortgage Financing?

This Is Why Every Property Owner Should Have Flood Insurance

Now is the Time to Get a Hard Money Loan in Houston

Pitfalls Hard Money Lenders (and Borrowers) should consider to avoid a loan payment default.

Dodd Frank may be Good for Large Banks, but in our opinion, it affects Small Banks, Private Lenders AND Consumers negatively.

A Major Battle for Control of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is Brewing

Texans have approved the Home Equity Loan Amendment on November 7, 2017 known as Proposition 2.

The Equifax Data Breach - Information You Need To Know

Hurricane Harvey: The Devastation and Disaster Relief

What you need to know about Multifamily Lending: A Hard Money Lender's Perspective

The Home Buying Mortgage Process From A Mortgage Investors Corporation Perspective

AMI Lenders helps Millennials become homeowners with Hard Money Loans

High Cost VS Higher Priced Mortgage Loans 

How Wraparound Mortgages and Hard Money Loans come together.

Hard Money Loans: What are they and what is their future in Houston?

10 Undeniable Reasons why Houston Hard Money Homestead Loans are here to stay.

5 Things About Hard Money Loans in Houston That You May Not Know

Hard Money Loans in Houston for Foreign Nationals (ITIN Loans)

Bridge Loans Through A Hard Money Lender Are A Unique Way To Buy Homes

How to Buy a Residential Property Through A Hard Money Lender

Qualify For a Residential or Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Loan

The Importance of FICO Scores To Hard Money Lenders

Jim Emerson: There’s Trouble in River City

Home Owners & Residential Hard Money Loans. Take Notice!

Presentation is key to getting Residential Hard Money Loans. Read more

Dodd Frank news: Regulations Changing Hard Money Lending Industry

Is Now The Time To Get A Hard Money Loan To Buy A Home In Houston?

A Disturbing Discovery About Hard Money Lenders. Read below.

Playing by the new rules of residential hard money loans and lenders.

Best Rate and Fastest Close

AMI Hard Money Loans

AMI Closed and Funded in 3 Days!

UPDATE: Houston Home Sales

Residential Investments: 4 Rules for Fix and Flip loans.

Private Lenders Help Non-Bankable Borrowers Borrow The Money They Need

Hard Money Loans; what are they?

5 Tips For Securing Construction Financing With A Hard Money Loan

Is Your Property a Good Fit For Commercial Investment Loans?

4 Tips for Financing Commercial Real Estate


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