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A Look into Houston's Near-Term Economic Recovery (as of September 2021)

Posted by Jim Emerson

Sep 21, 2021 1:14:59 PM

Our good friends at Moody Rambin recently posted a concise and exciting set of regional economic data entitled "Houston's Economy at a Glance."[1]. Reading their blog set us thinking about letting our faithful readers know what the near-future economy might look like in the Houston area. So without any further delays, we present some interesting information that might help you in your future business and real estate investment plans (we reproduce some information we borrowed from the cited article).

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2021-22 Commercial Real Estate Outlook from a Hard Money Lender’s perspective

Posted by Jim Emerson

Aug 31, 2021 11:22:40 AM

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What will the 2021-2022 residential property market look like for Real Estate investors?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Aug 26, 2021 11:51:46 AM

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The Appraisal Gap in a Hot Housing Market Explained: What strategies can a Buyer utilize to compensate for the missing financing?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Aug 6, 2021 10:51:41 AM

Whether you're a first-time buyer with no experience in real estate transactions, no experience obtaining a mortgage to purchase a property, or you are an expert looking into buying in a hot market; you'll want to know all about the Appraisal Gap. 

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What Are Hard Money Lenders and How Do They Help Real Estate Investors?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Jul 8, 2021 10:40:27 AM

Most think of "hard money lenders" as risk-takers, loan sharks, high-interest-rate lenders, lenders that require no documentation, and/or lenders who lend only to individuals with bad credit.

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Lumber prices are almost sky-high. So what does this mean for Home Buyers, Developers, and Hard Money Lenders?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Jun 14, 2021 1:21:22 PM

Lumber has been in the headlines for some time now as we see its prices skyrocketing. Suppose you were thinking of starting construction in your new home or developing one for sale. In that case, you can't ignore the surge in lumber prices brought about by complex macroeconomic forces which were unduly complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, demand for lumber has exploded in the past year, and lumberyards and suppliers have struggled to keep up with demand.

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Understanding the Importance of FICO scores: The perspective of a Hard Money Lender in Houston

Posted by Jim Emerson

May 25, 2021 1:24:19 PM

With how trending Flip and Fix investments have become, it is no surprise more people want to get in on the opportunity. To get a loan for such investments, one needs to have the eligible FICO score. Many potential investors do not understand just how the FICO score works, how it is obtained, and how it can affect their ability to get a loan. Therefore, AMI Lenders has put all the information you need to know about FICO scores in this blog. 

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The Single-Family Rental Market is Hot. But Building Multifamily Properties to Rent is Getting Even Hotter

Posted by Jim Emerson

May 24, 2021 4:05:12 PM

If you’re a real estate investor and are looking to expand your investment portfolio, we have some good news for you! You might be investing in the hot housing market as of late, made a good profit, and have gained lots of experience along the way. But now what you actually need to look into is the next big opportunity in real estate development. Build-to-Rent! As commercial Hard Money Lenders in Houston, we’re here to give you all the tips we can to make you a profitable real estate investor. Read till the end to find out more.


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