Finding Properties to Invest at a Discount


For over 30 years AMI Lenders have helped mortgage investors finance their projects with Hard Money Loans. But we also like to share our advice, and this time, we want to show you how to identify properties at a discount.

Choose a Hard Money Lender that helps you succeed

For over 30 years AMI Lenders has been financing real estate investments in Houston and surrounding areas. Our expert advice and fast closings have made us Houston's premier Hard Money Lender.

Investing in Fix and Flip Properties with AMI Lenders

Not all Real Estate Investments are financed the same way. We offer flexible lending terms and Houston's most competitive rates and fastest closings at AMI Lenders, so you won't miss any great opportunities. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you ensure that your investments will succeed.

Prioritizing Fix and Flip Repairs with your Hard Money Loan

Once you have identified an investment property to fix and flip, a crucial decision needs to be made. Get your fix and flip financed as fast as the law allows. Call AMI Lenders your preferred Hard Money Lender in Houston Texas.

Investing in Fix and Flip Properties


Fix and Flipping properties has been a popular investment option for a while! But what type of property makes a good Fix and Flip investment? Check out this video to learn what are the key things you need to look for in a property you want to Fix and Flip. Contact Us to learn more about our Private Loans for Fix and Flip investments.

High Cost vs Higher Priced Mortgage. What are the differences?


Ever wonder the difference between a High Cost and a Higher-Priced Mortgage? This video will walk you through the basics, from APOR percentage differences to the required terms and regulations that apply to each. All from the perspective of Houston's PremiereHard Money Lender.


Take The Plunge!

Get the Loan you need with as little as 20% down!

At AMI Lenders, our mission is to help our clients succeed. We have over 30 years of experience financing real estate investments in Houston and surrounding areas, and we want to help you make the right investment decisions. Once approved, we are the fastest closers in H-Town, and our rates and terms are as competitive as they get. 

About AMI Lenders

AMI Lenders is one of the largest Private Real Estate Lenders in the Southwest, there are no committees or third parties to stand between you and your loan. We use our own money for the loans and make all decisions. This allows Jim Emerson and his staff of Residential Hard Money Lenders total control and flexibility when approving hard money loans.




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