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Making your money work for you with a Hard Money Loan for real estate investing.

Posted by Jim Emerson

Dec 8, 2021 5:48:02 PM

A lot has been said and written about “making your money work for you,” a colloquial, charming way to refer to passive income (that is, income that does not come from those employment or activities to which you dedicate most of your time in order to generate said income). Still, we think our faithful readers can benefit from being reminded that there are ways of generating passive income in the real estate industry, taking advantage of hard money loans.

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The Appraisal Gap in a Hot Housing Market Explained: What strategies can a Buyer utilize to compensate for the missing financing?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Aug 6, 2021 10:51:41 AM

Whether you're a first-time buyer with no experience in real estate transactions, no experience obtaining a mortgage to purchase a property, or you are an expert looking into buying in a hot market; you'll want to know all about the Appraisal Gap. 

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Why Reputable Hard Money Lenders Invest Time and Resources to Rigorously Verify a Borrower’s Abilityto Repay?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Feb 19, 2021 4:01:07 PM

Real estate investors often prefer hard money lenders instead of large financial institutions such as banks for obtaining their loans. The primary reasons for this are a)private money lenders process loans much faster, which is ideal if someone requires a loan quickly to beat a competitive bid, and b) Hard Money Lenders have more flexibility than banks. Also, hard money lenders have less stringent requirements and background checks.

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How is Your Private Money Loan's Rate Determined, What Documents Should You Prepare?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Feb 1, 2021 11:21:12 AM

Do you require a loan urgently for your real estate purchase or investment and but want to avoid going to a bank? This can be simply because banks will take too much time processing your application, or you don't have the required credit rating, documentation, or resident status to get approved by a bank.

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Banks vs. Private Money Lenders for ITIN Mortgage Loans

Posted by Jim Emerson

Sep 15, 2020 3:19:18 PM

Since the program began in 1996, the IRS has issued nearly 24 million ITIN numbers. These numbers are issued for tax purposes to immigrants who are not yet eligible to obtain a social security number or citizens of foreign nations who want to purchase property in the U.S.

They also allow undocumented immigrants to open bank accounts, take out credit cards, and even buy a home. However, finding a lender willing to fund ITIN mortgage loans can be a little tricky.

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Can You Get a Mortgage Loan if You Only Have an ITIN Number?

Posted by Jim Emerson

Sep 1, 2020 3:22:03 PM

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