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Home Loan Calculator

Use our Mortgage Loan Calculator to calculate your loan payments. Then apply for your loan online!

AMI Lenders is a source of funding for borrowers with bad credit or who, for whatever reason, are unable to use traditional loan sources to get the loan they need. AMI Lenders is not a bank. We are a private lender with the flexibility to respond quickly to just about any loan request.  

Try our mortgage loan calculator and then fill the form below to apply for a loan today!

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Owner occupied 1 to 4 single family homes 70% of appraised value
Non-owner occupied 1 to 4 single family homes 65% of appraised value
Builder new home construction loans 70% of appraised value
Investor loans to buy and rehab homes 70% of appraised value
Multi-family properties (e.g.: apartments) 65% of appraised value
Residential lots (in platted & recorded subdivisions) 70% of appraised value
Commercial properties (office buildings, shopping
centers, churches, owner-occupied buildings, etc.)
65% of appraised value
Residential lot development loans 60% of appraised value
Unimproved properties 50% of appraised value

Maximum Terms on Commercial Loans

  • 5 years on a 20-year amortization on all properties other than unimproved properties
  • 5 years on a 10-year amortization on unimproved properties


Prohibited Loans

  • Outside of the Greater Houston area
  • Unsecured loans
  • Second lien (or any inferior liens)
  • Home equity loans
  • Night Clubs &/or Bars

Interest Rates & Fees

  From Wall Street Prime plus 2% up to 18% depending on credit, equity and the borrower’s ability to service the debt. (An origination fee or points may be required depending on the type of loan and/or the terms). The borrower must pay normal costs as required for any real estate loan: e.g.: appraisal fee, survey,  title policy, loan document preparation and other normal closing costs. 

Documentation Required

  • An appraisal (ordered by AMI)
  • Phase One Environmental Study (on commercial properties)
  • A blue-line survey
  • Loan application (Fannie Mae Form 1003)
  • Borrower’s most recent two years Federal Income Tax Returns
  • Monthly Cash Flow Statement (download)
  • Proof of identification (driver’s license or other acceptable personal identification)
  • Other documentation may be required depending on the type of loan requested

Additional documentation for construction and rehab loans


Loan Qualifications


AMI lends strictly on the value of the property and the borrower’s ability to service the debt. Bad credit, bankruptcy, etc. is not a concern. Use our home mortgage calculator to find our your payments.


Important Links


Department of Savings Mortgage Lending - http://www.sml.texas.gov

Department of Savings Mortgage Lending - Recovery, Claims and Complaints:


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